Product Discounts

Would you like to get a 20% discount (or more) on every purchase you make with Stampin' Up, early access to brand new products, and get access to some amazing exclusive tutorials?

Consider joining my team and become a Stampin' Up demonstrator! There is no further obligation once you purchase your starter kit (which is an amazing discount by the way). You decide how much, or how little you want to put in. Most demos, including myself, started out as a hobby demo. Meaning I didn't run classes or workshops, I wanted the discount.

You have complete control. Who doesn't want to get 20% off the products you were planning on ordering anyway? Shut the front door, it is such an awesome deal. You get $125 worth of product, ANY product you choose, for $99. Great discount right off the bat. Then, everything you order going forward you will get a 20% discount on.

You set the pace, it is your business. You can pursue it as a full on business and do classes, workshops, stamp a stacks, vendor fairs, craft fairs, you name it. If that's not your thing you can do a complete online presence, or even just keep it to yourself. As long as you meet the quarterly minimum you will continue to get the discounts. If you feel that this isn't for you then you can go inactive at any time, no pressure no obligation!

Benefits of Joining

  • Get the starter kit, with $125 worth of products of your choosing, for $99.
  • On going discount of at least 20% off on all orders.
  • Commission on sales (if you choose to of course).
  • Early access to new catalogs before anybody else.
  • Ability to order new products before anybody else.
  • Be part of an amazing team.
  • Meet amazing likeminded crafters.
  • Insider information only available to demonstrators.
  • No ongoing fees, no penalties.
  • Step up your involvement when you want to or cut back at anytime.
Are you ready to make some fabulous friends, share excitement of your craft with others, and just have some fun? Join my team and we will do it together. Please feel free to contact me for more information, or if you a ready to get this party started you can join right away.

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