May 2, 2018

Let's Make It A Set + Blog Hop

Here we are with another Let's Get Hopping Blog Hop. This month's theme is card sets. Here's my crafty inspiration for you:
For this set I painted an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of photo paper with turquoise blue, white, and gold acrylic paint.
Once dry I cut it up into backgrounds. I wish that you could get touch sensation through a computer because you would be amazed how these cards feel. It is like a dreamy thick piece of textured vinyl. It's such a unique hand painted little piece of artwork.
For this card set I used one of my all time favorite stamp sets, Colorful Seasons from Stampin' Up. I love these bold sentiments. Here's a crafty tip: My husband brings me home all these silly little pieces of trinkets and trash that he finds on the floor at work, all the time, and asks if I can use it for something. Most of the time it goes straight into the circular file (shh, don't tell), but those cute little flip flops were one of his finds. I love being able to re-purpose items into my work. I have had these lying around my craft room for about three years waiting for an opportunity.
Honestly, I think I want to frame the "just breathe" card. I don't think I can part with it! Well I hope you enjoyed today's crafty inspiration. Let's "hop" on over to my pal Nina's blog to see what she came up with to share with you today.
 Have a crafty day!


  1. That's a beautiful background! I think every one should have a little frame with "just breathe". Oh, and kudos to your husband for being part of your creative team!

  2. Draw dropped - you painted those gorgeous papers yourself! Just stunning and so creative Sherry!

  3. Wow Sherry those backgrounds are amazing!!! Did have a giggle at "Circular file", that's definitely a phrase I'm going to borrow from you in the future. LOL

  4. I love these cards! Colorful seasons is one of my all time favorite sets! The flip flop card is my favorite.

  5. Oh wow Sherry! These are all so stunning! What a unique background! Thanks for sharing! Hugs from Canada! 💖

  6. So creative Sherry, I love your hand painted background, and the stitching make it all pop. I had a giggle that your husband brought you trinkets from the floor at work ( your husband sounds like he has a very interesting job)

  7. Wow!! Amazing!! Your background is stunning... a technique I'm going to have to try one of these days. And I wouldn't part with the "just breathe" card either... it's breathtaking (and my favorite). Thank you for sharing!

  8. Wow, the background is amazing and handpainted too, wow!! What a thoughtful husband! I love the circular file reference though lol!!

  9. Love your cards with the most amazing background thanks for sharing your painting. Husbands show there love in so many little way you got to love them!


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